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Post-doctoral contract at University of Seville
Publicado: martes 07 julio 2015
The University of Sevilla grants three 4-year term post-doctoral contract as part of the 2013-2016 Research Program of the University of Sevilla. The position is open to holders of a PhD defended on 2005 or later.

The total amount of the contract is 32.000€ per year. It includes a gross monthly salary of approximately 2.000€ and the Social Security contribution.

The departments that has been granted are:

Ecuaciones Diferenciales y Análisis Numérico :Specific profile: A high level research activity in Differential equations and numerical analysis

Análisis Matemático : Specific profile: A high level research activity in the following topics: Real analysis, functional analysis and special functions.

Álgebra :Specific profile: A high level research activity in algebra and related topics.

Applicants should provide:
An English summary and some important information can be found here.

Deathline Posposed : July 30th 

For further information, please contact Teresa Ayuga (
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