instituto de matemáticas universidad de sevilla
Antonio de Castro Brzezicki
The Hochschild cohomology of the enveloping algebra of a Lie-Rinehart pair
Seminario de Álgebra

A Lie–Rinehart pair (S, L) consists of a commutative algebra S and a Lie algebra L with an S-module structure that acts on S by derivations and which satisfies certain compatibility conditions asin [1]. The universal enveloping algebra U of such a pair is an associative algebra that resembles the enveloping alegebra of L but takes into account is the action of S. We are interested in computing the Hochschild cohomology HH(U). Our main result, available at [4], is the construction of a spectral sequence converging to it that is based on ideas by Th. Lambre and P. Le Meur in [2]. In this talk, we will go over its construction, we will see some immediate consequences and we will illustrate the fact that the spectral sequence makes it concretely easier to compute the Hochschild cohomology of U in some examples. In particular, since for a free hyperplane arrangement A the enveloping algebra of the pair (S, Der A) is isomorphic to the algebra of differential operators tangent to A, this spectral sequence gives us an alternative way to re-obtain and extend our results in [3], where we computed the Hochschild cohomology of this algebra for a very special kind of arrangements.

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