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Antonio de Castro Brzezicki
Training and Research Week on Computational Algebraic Topology applied to Digital Imagery
Workshops y Congresos
In this week, Prof. Ron Umble and the people of the research group TopRec (USE)   will gather together  to generate workplans for future potential research projects  having as compulsory ingredients: computational algebraic topology and nD digital image processing. Particularly, we focus on recent results  of Prof. Umble about computation of A(infinity)-coalgebra structures on the homology of orientable and non-orientable compact surfaces and the possibility to apply this formulation to a general Digital Image context. This seminar is open to any researcher interested in these topics. 

Schedule for the brainstorming:

Monday[10:00-14:0]:  Introduction to cell complexes from a programming viewpoint. 
Tuesday[10:00-14:00]:  Chain complexes and Algebraic-Topological Models. SAGE and  Python Implementations
Wednesday [10:00-14:00]: Digital Images as cell complexes. Implementation
Thursday [10:00-14:00]:  (Co)-algebra structures in (co)homology. Implementation
Friday  [10:00-14:00]: A(\infty)-(co)algebra structures in (co)homology. Implementation
Activity supported by Plan Propio de la Universidad de Sevilla (Profesores Visitantes) and IMUS