instituto de matemáticas universidad de sevilla
Antonio de Castro Brzezicki
Boundedness vs. blow-up in cross-diffusive parabolic systems modeling chemotaxis
Actividad del Programa de Doctorado

Martes 12, Miércoles 13, Jueves 14:  15:30-18:00
Viernes 15 de Diciembre de:   11:00-13:30

In numerous processes of self-organization in biological systems, chemotaxis mechanisms are known to play an outstanding role. According to various modeling approaches, an adequate theoretical description thereof requires the study of parabolic systems of partial differential equations involving certain cross-diffusive terms as their most characteristic ingredient. The goal of this lecture series is to discuss methods that can be used to analyze such systems mathematically with emphasis on the derivation of qualitative solution properties. One particular focus will be on the fundamental question to which extent the respective model is able to spontaneously generate structures in the mathematically extreme sense of finitetime singularity formation.

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