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Antonio de Castro Brzezicki
Mathematical Models of Optimization for Transportation Planning
Workshops y Congresos
Fecha: 03.03.2017 De 09.00 a 13.30
Lugar: Seminario I (IMUS), Edificio Celestino Mutis
Logistics Service Network Design for Humanitarian Response in East Africa The United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot (UNHRD) is an important humanitarian logistics service provider that manages a network of depots. This research project aims to analyze the potential benefits of adding a regional distribution center in Kampala, Uganda, to its existing network. To this end, we used fieldwork, simulation, optimization and statistical analyses to assess the costs of prepositioning relief items in Kampala and to propose a robust stocking solution. The UNHRD has already started to implement the solution proposed in this study, which should result in a mean cost reduction of around 21%. This is joint work with Émilie Dufour, Julie Paquette and Marie-Ève Rancourt.
Supported by the project MTM2015‐67706‐P
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