instituto de matemáticas universidad de sevilla
Antonio de Castro Brzezicki
Server DOWN

Operating instructions

Hilbert is the alias that has our machine placed in the facilities of the IMUS. This calculation server has been financed by FEDER funds (UNSE08-1E-023). It is a Mac Pro with two processor Intel Xeon 3,06 Ghz (x6 cores). It has 64 Gb of RAM and 2 Tb of hard disk.

To create an account must send a message to Jorge Galán Vioque to the mail address indicando los siguientes datos necesarios:

Once created the account can use any of the installed programs as well as of the space assigned to the account.

Installed programs

If some other program is needed contact with Jorge Galán Vioque,, indicating your user's name of the machine, the program that wanted to be used and a brief justification of the use.