instituto de matemáticas universidad de sevilla
Antonio de Castro Brzezicki

The IMUS is located on the Reina Mercedes Campus of the University of Sevilla, at the first floor of a recently constructed (2013) building named Celestino Mutis financed through the "Programa operativo FEDER de Andalucía 2007-2013". It has office space for 15 PhD students and 20 post-doc researchers and visitors, 2 seminars (with 30 and 60 seats), 1 meeting room with video-conference (20 seats) and the main lecture hall at the ground floor (90 seats). It also has a broad area (around 200 m2) for discussion and interaction.

Computing facilities

The high-performance computing infrastructure of IMUS consists of:

All three systems have been purchased with the FEDER MICINN Grant UNSE08-1E-023.

Researchers and visitors of IMUS also have acces to other computing and IT infrastructures at the Centro de Informática Científica de Andalucía (CICA)


IMUS visitors shall have access to the broad catalogue of on-line journals (around 160 in Mathematics, including MathSciNet and Zentralblatt) as well as to the Internet resources of the University of Sevilla and to over 30,000 volumes in the library of Mathematics.