instituto de matemáticas universidad de sevilla
Antonio de Castro Brzezicki
Overview: Working at or visiting the IMUS

The Institute of Mathematics of the University of Sevilla (IMUS) covers a broad area of current mathematical research fields. IMUS offers an important number of training courses and other scientific activities with the participation of leading specialists of all over the world. Additionally, its facilities are located in the welcoming city of Seville and they include large office space and seminar rooms in a stimulant and co-operative scientific atmosphere.

Are you interested in doing a PhD thesis at our Institute?

IMUS has nearly 40 doctoral students, supported by various research programs within a very ambitious doctoral training framework, that yearly includes 15-20 specialized PhD training courses.

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD thesis in some of the research fields of our Institute under the supervision of one of our members, please let us know by sending a message to acti2-imus [at] with a CV and a personal statement.

Institute’s members offer in average 4-5 PhD fellowships/contracts per year [see]. In any case we can help you to apply for funding in local, regional, national or European calls, where we have a broad experience and high percentage of success.

Are you interested in a post-doc position at our Institute?

If you have defended your PhD thesis in Mathematics, or related areas, in the last 10 years and you wish to explore the possibility of a post-doc position at IMUS, please let us know by sending a message to acti2-imus [at] with a short CV, a description of your scientific contributions and a description of your ongoing projects. The Institute can only occasionally fund post-doc contracts by its own grants [see].

Also, the University of Sevilla Research Program yearly offers several 4-year post-doctoral contracts.

If you have obtained your PhD in the last five years, maybe you are also interested in our "short postdoctoral research visits" program.

Visiting the Institute

IMUS offers the possibility of hosting researchers wishing to stay at the Institute for a period ranging from one to twelve months. Priority will be given to those researchers having a research plan, with likely a training proposal in their fields, to be developed in collaboration with IMUS members.

Visitors will be provided with office space and working facilities at the Institute, as well as lodging-finding assistance if necessary. Partial support could be provided for these visits. Moreover, IMUS could help to apply for external financial sources, especially for those researchers who are in a sabbatical period from their home institution.

Applications can be submitted at any time by filling out this form. For short periods (around 2 months), it will be enough to submit the application 2 months before the initial date of the desired stay. For longer periods, we recommend to submit the application 1 year before the starting date.

An answer will be given within one month of the submission of the application.