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Antonio de Castro Brzezicki
Version Control Systems for Mathematical Researchers
Seminario Doctorado
PhD Program Activity

A version control system is a software tool massively used by software engineers since 2002. Used to save different versions of any document, compare document versions between different dates, recover previous versions, or handle collaborations of a document modified during months by different authors are just some of the tasks we can easily perform using a Version Control System.
During this workshop, we will review how mathematical researchers performance writing papers using LaTeX or coding their experiments could be improved thanks to the usage of a version control system named Git. We will learn how to manage collaborations and easily handle the different versions of our papers or projects from scratch.
As we'd like to be pragmatic and stay focused on the research process we will try to keep this workshop simple using just one tool. We will not review any software based on a terminal or commands so any researcher could easily follow this workshop. You'll just need your laptop and a small tool we will install during the event. If you don't have a laptop feel free to attend and we will find you a team-mate for this session.

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