"Fluid Mechanics and Singular Integrals" is organized by the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Seville (IMUS).
It will take place in Seville on June 17- 21, 2013.




Concerning the lodging, there are reduced price rooms available at two of the residences of the University of Seville:

- One of them is called  Residencia Universitaria Rector Estanislao del Campo. The web page is: http://www.rusevilla.com/. If you are interested in this residence, please fill in the following  form: (Residence Reservation) and send it to Lourdes Torres to the following address: reservas@rusevilla.com
Price: 42,78€ single room + 3,46€ breakfast. Shared apartament (two people): 34,63€ per person + 3,46€ breakfast.

- The second residence is called Colegio Mayor Universitario Hernando Colón. The web page is http://acdc.sav.us.es/cmh/. If you are interested in this residence, please fill in then following  form: (Residence Reservation -only in spanish-) and send it to María or Javier to the following address: cmreserva@us.es with a copy to admin-imus@us.es
Price: 35€ single room + breakfast.


Other options are:

Hotel Ciudad de Sevilla

Hotel Plaza de Armas

Meliá Sevilla

Hotel Al- Andalus

Hotel NH Viapol

Hotel NH Central Convenciones


In order to book these hotels' rooms at a reduced price (around 65€) please contact HALCÓN VIAJES
Agents: Lola Gutiérrez. Mail: lola.gutierrez@halcon-viajes.es
Phone no.: (+34) 954 63 80 38




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