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Course 1. Sevilla
Course 2. Sevilla
Course 3. Málaga
Course 4. Granada
Workshop. Granada
May 2018
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Final presentations

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The four courses, corresponding to each Research Unit, will take place during the first four weeks of the program. The working language will be English. Each course will be 12 hours long. There will be daily three hours of lectures, organized in two one and a half hour sessions, according to the following schedule:

The courses will begin with basic material and will progressively increase their level of specialization. The students will work on the content of the courses the rest of the day, solving the questions proposed in the classes for themselves and/or with the tutorial help. The evaluation of the courses (apt/not apt) will be made through the exhaustive monitoring by the teachers of the tasks proposed to each student. It will be necessary to have the appropriate qualification in all the courses to continue with the program.


Throughout the program the students will have to attend a research seminar, where the following specialists in the topics developed in the "Research Units" will present a recent research work relevant to the program:

  • Research Unit 1: María de los Ángeles Rodríguez Bellido (Universidad de Sevilla)
  • Research Unit 2: Anna Doubova (Universidad de Sevilla)
  • Research Unit 3: Santiago Badia (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), Michael Dumbser (U. Trento)
  • Research Unit 4: Jérôme Coville (INRA, Avignon), Lucio Boccardo (U. de Roma “Sapienza”)

Research projects:

The end of the fourth week will be devoted to the assignment of the research work that the students will have to do under the guidance of the tutors. At that time, the commission composed by Professors David Arcoya, Manuel González Burgos, Francisco Ortegón, Carlos Parés and Antonio Suárez, will assign to each student a proposal of research work and a tutor.

In the next six weeks of the program, the tutor or tutors will manage and follow up on each student's work in detail. The last three days of the program will be devoted to the student's presentation of the results obtained (30 minutes of presentation + 15 questions).

The final evaluation of each student will be based on the report of the tutor and the presentation of their results.