Doc-course: Harmonic Analysis, Metric Spaces and  Applications to P.D.E. Sevilla, May 15th - July 15th, 2011


Schedule and program


May Monday  16th Tuesday 17th Wednesday  17th Thursday  19th Friday 20th
16.30 - 17.25   Shanmugalingam Shanmugalingam Shanmugalingam Shanmugalingam
17.30 - 18.25 Espínola Espínola Pérez Pérez Pérez
19.00 - 20.00     Pereyra Pereyra Pereyra

Room 0.4 – Math Building


May Monday  23th Tuesday 24th Wednesday 25th Thursday  26th Friday 27th
16.30 - 17.25 Espínola Espínola Espínola Espínola Espínola*
17.30 - 18.25 Pérez Pérez Pérez Pérez  
19.00 - 20.00 Pereyra Pereyra Pereyra    

Room 0.5 – Math Building

* To confirm.

May/June Tuesday 31th Wednesday 1st     Thursday  2nd Friday 3th
Room 0.5       Room 0.4    
16.00 -17.20 Magnani Magnani   16.00 -16.55 Magnani Magnani
17.45 -19.05 Lang Lang   17.00 -17.55 Lang Lang

On Thursday 2nd, Enrico Le Donne (ETH, Zurich) will deliver a lecture entitled “Embeddings and non-embeddings of
the sub-Riemannian Heisenberg group: old and new results”
which will take place at 11.30 at Room 0.4 (Math Building)


June Monday  6th Tuesday 7th Wednesday 8th Thursday  9th Friday 10th
16:00-16:55 Zhong 1 Zhong 2 Zhong 3 Zhong 4 Zhong 5
17.00 - 17.55 Pérez 8 Torres 1 Pérez 9 Pérez 10 Torres 5
18.30 - 19.25   Torres 2 Torres 3 Torres 4  
Further activities:
On Monday 6th, Rodolfo Torres will deliver a talk at the Academia de Ciencias de Sevilla entitled “Somewhere over the (mathematical) rainbow bluebirds fly... Why, oh why are they blue?”. This talk will be held at “Salón de Actos” in the Math Building at 19:00. This talk will be in Spanish in consideration to the Academy members.
On Friday 10th there will be a Seminar talk by Estela Gavosto (University of Kansas) at 11:30 in Room 0.4.

No courses scheduled for the week of June 13.


June Monday  20th Tuesday 21th Wednesday 22th Thursday  23th Friday 24th
Room 3-B (Physics B.) 4-B (Physics B.) 3-B (Physics B.) Jaramillo 3 3-B (Physics B.) 
10.00 - 10.55 Mateu 1 Mateu 2 Mateu 3 Mateu 4 Jaramillo 5
11.00 - 11.55 Jaramillo 1 Jaramillo 2 Jaramillo 3 Jaramillo 4  

On Tuesday and Wednesday there will be talks by Prof. Munárriz (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) with titles:

  • “The Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator in high dimensions” at 12:30 on Tuesday 21st.
  • “A stability version of Hölder's inequality” at 13:00 on Wednesday 22nd.

These talks will be held at Salón de Actos (Maths Building).


June Monday  27th Tuesday 28th Wednesday 29th Thursday  30th Friday 1st
9.30 - 10.30 Carlos Pérez
(Aula 4-B)
Carlos Pérez Carlos Pérez
(Aula 4-B)
Olesandra Beznosova
(Aula 4-B)
10.30 - 11.30 Olesandra Beznosova
(Aula 4-B)
Thuomas Hytönen Thuomas Hytönen
(Aula 4-B)
Thuomas Hytönen
12.00 - 13.00   C. Cabrelli U. Molter (Col.)  
16.00   Workshop
Jean Carlo Moraes
Jarod Hart
16.45 Workshop
Xi Chen
Ana Grau
17.30 Workshop
Tetyana Stulova
Lucas Chaffee
18.15 Workshop
Alexander Reznikov

"The course of Alexander Volberg has been canceled. This course will be replaced with another course by Daniel Faraco."

Further activities

  • Tuesday, 28th: Workshop in Harmonic Analysis, Metric Spaces and Applications to P.D.E.

“Estimates for dyadic paraproducts and t-Haar multipliers with complexity (m,n)" by Jean Carlo Moraes.
“Multiple Weighted Norm Inequalities for Coifman-Meyer multilinear operators" by Xi Chen.
“On entire solutions of some inhomogeneous linear differential equations in a Banach space" by Tetyana Stulova.
“A2 conjecture in geometrically doubling metric spaces" by Alexander Reznikov.

  • Wednesday, 29th : Workshop in Harmonic Analysis, Metric Spaces and Applications to P.D.E.

“Bilinear Littlewood-Paley Estimates", by Jarod Hart.
“T1 Theorem for Square functions”, by Ana Grau.
“Extrapolation of weights revisited: new proofs and sharp bounds”, by Lucas Chaffee.


July Monday  4th Tuesday 5th Wednesday 6th Thursday  7th Friday 8th
9.30 - 10.30 Daniel Faraco Daniel Faraco Daniel Faraco Daniel Faraco  
10.30 - 11.30 Tuomas Hytönen Tuomas Hytönen Tuomas Hytönen    
11.30       Workshop
Luda Korovenko
Ezequiel Rela
12h Workshop
Luis Daniel López
Marcin Preisner
Isolda Cardoso
Adriana Nicolae
Teresa Luque
12.45 Workshop
José Conde
Alejandro Quintero
Taylor Dupuy
Aurora Fernández
Carmen Ortiz
13.30 Workshop
Mauricio Ramseyer
Anna Kairema
Nikta Shayanfar
Pedro P. Caro


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