• It is a pleasure to invite you to the XVI Spanish Biometric Conference (CEB 2017), organised by the University of Seville representing the Spanish Biometric Society  (SEB). The Conference will take place at the Faculty of Mathematics and IMUS, on September 13-15, 2017.

    The meeting is hosted by the University of Sevilla (US). On this web you may find updated information on the most relevant aspects of the conference such as the scientific and social programme, registration, abstract submissions, etc.

    Contributed talks and posters are the most important aspects of our Conference. They must present recent developments and applications of biometry to real problems. Submissions and contributions must be written in English, although they may be presented in Spanish. A special session for Young Students is included, and a join invited session with the Italian and Eastern Mediterranean region will take place. We really think that you will be happy to make the trip, and join this conference.


  • The conference will be held at the Faculty of Mathematics and IMUS. These buildings are located at the Avenida de Reina Mercedes.

    The venue is about 30 minutes walk from the city center so if your accommodation is in a walking distance from the venue, then you can enjoy the walk through the “Avenida de la Palmera”. Otherwise, the cheapest way to get to the venue is by bus (TUSSAM): lines 3,6, and 34 stop just in front of the venue. You can find a description of the available bus, tramp and metro networks in Seville.



    Sevilla-San Pablo Airport is about 10 km far from the city center. The most convenient ways to get to Sevilla is either by bus or by taxi.

    By bus: One way trip is 4,00€ to the City Center (Prado de San Sebastián). (More information).
    From Prado San Sebastian to the Residencia Rector Estanislao del Campo please go to Places of interest.

    By taxi: You can see the fares here.


    Sevilla has good rail links to Barcelona, Cádiz, Córdoba, Jaén, Jerez de la Frontera, Granada, Huelva, Madrid, and Málaga. The fast–track AVE railway line provides a 2h 30min connection to Madrid every hour. For more information you can go to the train company. Web Page.

    Sevilla–Santa Justa train station is connected to the city center by local bus lines C1, C2 and 32. Red painted city buses are the predominant public transportation. Information about bus lines at Transportes Urbanos de Sevilla (TUSSAM) Tel: 955 479 000 or at their web page http://www.tussam.es/. You can get a map here.

    Intercity buses

    There are two bus stations with bus services to the main Spanish cities:

    • Prado de San Sebastián bus station Tel: 954 417 111.
    • Plaza de Armas bus station. Tel: 954 908 040.

    The cheapest way to get from Madrid to Sevilla is by intercity bus Socibus. For more info visit http://www.socibus.es/.

    Local buses

    Red painted citybuses are thepredominant public transportation.
    Information about bus lines (and tramway line) at Transportes Urbanos de Sevilla (TUSSAM) Tel: 955 479 000 or at their web page. You can get a one trip ticket (1,40€) directly from the driver (from the machines in the tramway shelters) but  it is cheaper if you buy a rechargeable travel card (they can be bought at most magazine stores you find in sidewalks all around the city): 6,40+1,50€ for the one–trip travel card (called "tarjeta sin trasbordo") and 7,00 + 1,50€ for the multiple–connections travel card (called "tarjeta con trasbordo"). There are also tourist travel cards for one day (5,00€) and for three days (10,50€). For a map of the city with the local buses lines here.


    A usual taxi fare from north to south of the city center is around 8€.

    • Radio–Taxi Giralda: Tel: 954 675 555.
    • Radio–Taxi Tel: 954 580 000.
    • Tele–Taxi: Tel: 954 622 222.


    There is a rental bicycle service. The fare for subscription for seven days: 13.33€ + 150€ (refunded unless lost or stolen bicycle).

    The first 30 minutes free. If you need to use it more time, you have to leave it and take it again. If you pass the limit, you will have to pay the first hour: 1€, and after 2€/hour.

    More information: www.sevici.es

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