Exploratory Workshop on Mixed Integer Non-Linear Programming.  Sevilla, December 1-3 2010.
Organized by the Mathematical Research Institute of the University of Sevilla (IMUS)

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Application form

Due to limitations in the participation number, the applicants must fill out this application form.

Once participation has been approved, the applicant will receive detailed information, via e-mail, on the registration process.

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Once your applications is accepted for participation, you will be notified by e-mail. Then, you must pay the registration fee of 150 euro by bank transfer INCLUDING IN THE CONCEPT "NAME+MINLP2010", to  the  following account:


IBAN: ES91 0049 5854 35 2116085245

Swift Code: BSCHESMM

Bank Postal Address: Avda. Felipe II nº 5 41013 Sevilla, (SPAIN)

Afterward, please send some confirmation document of the bank transfer toadmin-imus@us.es

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